Appliance Depreciation Charge To Understand How The Law Should Place

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Warranty Regulations can conquer the world how appliance depreciation charge?

According to state regulations, every five ten thousandths of the depreciation rate, if the three-year warranty just approaching when quality problems (such as 1000 days), consumers should return only hand, less than half the money! "Consumers Lee on the" electrical "reporter about his retirement

Washing machine Experience, said. Lee purchased on a foreign brand a thin open

Roller Washing machine control box appears twice in three years failure and repair processes struggle to find the two. After repeated detection of the first repaired for proper use, year and a half after the second failure, said manufacturers in the country can not find the spare parts, repair staff suggested to Mr. Lee will be washing machine drained away. But as Mr. Lee returned to the factory made, the manufacturers said that according to state regulations to charge 1,000 yuan depreciation. Lee can not help but ask: "washing machine once a year and a half there fault, not the serious quality problems? Why can not free return?" In the end, Mr Lee gave up the idea of return, but he said, "As long as bad, then let him repair, anyway, the pieces are new for the warranty period. "

Lee mentioned in this case refers to national regulations introduced in 1995, "part of the responsibility to return goods repair replacement requirements" (hereinafter referred to as "the" three guarantees "require"), the regulations for the consumer to build up a appliances consumer security barrier. But the reporters found that many consumers are not clear, the regulations also return under certain circumstances when the appliance was depreciation provisions.

Expert analysis to provide a certain percentage of the depreciation charge, aimed at protecting consumer interests must also consider the capacity of manufacturers, the implementation is a double protection principles. However, the actual operation, the depreciation rate of the consumer and the manufacturer on the contradictions arising from increasingly prominent.

Depreciation rate as a focus of controversy

On the "" three guarantees "requirement" of household electrical appliances return depreciation expenses, reflecting the largest number of consumers is too high depreciation rate prescribed by the State. According to "the" three guarantees "require", color

TV Machines, home video recorders, cameras, household

Air conditioning Device on the depreciation rate of 0.1%; tape recorders (including audio), home

Refrigerator , Washing machines, Fan , Microwave ovens , Vacuum cleaners, range hood, gas water heaters, other Japanese depreciation rate of 0.05%.

Have counted a consumer account this provision: "In the warranty period will end for return may be paid and depreciation than the purchase price is also high." Some people do such a calculation, such as the present one mainstream small 1.5HP split air, the market retail price in 1950 yuan, according to a daily charge of 0.1% depreciation, just 3 years if the quality problem, consumers unwilling to accept the repair or replacement, make return, then pay The depreciation reached 2,135.25 yuan (1950 yuan × 0.1% × 365 × 3), more than the original purchase price of 1950 yuan. This presumption, the manufacturers warranty committed to the longer, the consumer returns the depreciation charges to be borne by the more, even if part of the cost of return but have come out ahead.

On the "" three guarantees "requirement" in the depreciation rate of the reporter interviewed some of the appliance business after-sales service department head, due to more sensitive topics, the majority of companies said it could not meet the interview. However, some household electrical appliance enterprises are private, the "electrical" told reporters that the depreciation rate of the national authorities after full investigations and feasibility studies which have come, have their applicability and reasonable. They believe that depreciation is a special case, "consumers or businesses to make the manufacturer an economic compensation." If the lower depreciation rate, "might lead to the production, sales and service value chain, chaos, and some consumers are most likely to develop bad habits," and with the rapid development of science and technology, home appliance products, the speed upgrade faster and faster, higher depreciation rate is normal.

A consumer proposal, the depreciation rate should be calculated in accordance with the life of appliances. China Consumer Association, director of consumer guidance before Tiger Wang also on the "electrical" told reporters,

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Appliance Depreciation Charge To Understand How The Law Should Place

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