Consumer Billing… Are we moving in the right track??...

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In the current scenario we can find that IT solutions have reached a point where they help us to manage both the backend and understand the consumer needs too. The only thing we should ensure is that, are the retailers ready to accept these changes.

From a small shop to a high-end retail outlet, at the point of sales system one can find only a desktop at the billing counter. If a barcode reader is present, the billing procedure is even more speeded up. The time saved is precious for the consumer. Consumers are willing to shop for more than two hours, but at the time of billing they want it to be done within seconds.

The checkout process is often the main concern of retailers and an efficient retailer never wants to see over crowding at the billing points. It is not just about saving time. For retailers business is critical. New technological innovations become critical, since the absence of a consumer care can turn a consumer away or can be consumer complaints.  The solutions enable the retailer to get information’s that helps control costs and improve consumer services.

In this era we can find that retailers are fighting with their neighborhoods for their existence. Therefore loosing a consumer can prove costly for them. There is an immense need for fast, efficient and accurate billing of products. IT solutions developed around the barcode help the retailers to a great extent. It is also important to track damaged goods and products, to prevent the sale of the same to the consumers. Moreover a consumer finding a product missing may make an end to their shopping at the particular retail outlet. So retailers must have an eye on all these things which brings consumer satisfaction index higher. A satisfied consumer will surely have a mouth to mouth network. At least the next time they will not hesitate to visit the retail outlet where they got immense care.

The solutions are quite simple. As products move along the supply chain, their progress till the point of consumption should be recorded and given back to retailers. So that they can have ideas on consumer interests and provide the right product at right time.

The other way is to track a consumer, which is by keeping a record of consumer details such as address, phone numbers, consumer purchasing patterns and habits. With these details consumers can be grouped to different category based on their interests and needs. Some retailers consider consumer live data as their lifeline. This information they get directly from the consumer. Else they ask them to write their comments and views on their consumer services. Based on this information they are able to respond to their consumer demands. The only thing is that this is a time consuming process and requires manpower.

Many retailers may not even be aware of these fast IT solutions. Some retailers find it difficult to work with barcodes, since at times they may not work properly. They have no other choice rather than entering the product price manually or comparing the product price with similar other products. This makes the consumer on a waiting stage and mostly the billing point gets crowded. The only way they can get out of this is to get quality software from the manufacturers. They can check the warranty period and of course compromise should be given on cost.

Even though the Indian retailers is getting aware of these things, getting the new software’s integrated fully is a problem for them. They should maintain a person who can handle all these things. It is a fact that the Indian consumers are flexible, happy with the quick checkouts at the billing counter at this stage. They will go for purchasing to such retailers without thinking twice as time plays a critical role in everyone’s life. Once the retail segment is able to overcome these problems, the retail in India can go to the next level soon.

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Consumer Billing… Are we moving in the right track??...

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This article was published on 2011/08/12