Household Appliances Industry: Tm To Effective Appliances To The Countryside Will Be Stronger Than

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Events in the Ministry of Finance announced by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce, Development and Reform Commission and other multi-sectoral co-developed "appliances

TM to

Implementation method, "the policy of the appliance TM to the specific processes and methods were defined subsidies.

2009 6 1 to May 31, 2010, in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Jiangsu,


, Shandong, Guangdong, Fuzhou and Changsha and nine pilot provinces and cities.

Subsidization: waste recycling time home purchase Jiujia Dian, issued to the consumer appliance TM to national reunification printed documents; customers with a valid ID card, household appliances TM to evidence to the appliance


Enterprises to purchase new appliances; appliance sales business when sales of new appliances to advance directly to the consumer subsidies.

Allowances: the new appliance sales by 10% the price subsidies, subsidies for a maximum of:


Machine 400 yuan / sets, refrigerators (including freezers) 300 yuan / sets, 250 washing machine / station,

Air conditioning

Three hundred and fifty yuan / sets, computer 400 yuan / Taiwan; sources of funding: subsidies from the central government and the pilot provinces and municipalities have a common burden. Among them, the central financial burden of 80%, 20% of the financial burden of the pilot provinces and cities.

Jiu Jiadian pricing and freight subsidies: successful recycling business promised to sign an agreement to ensure the timely acquisition of Jiu Jiadian at reasonable prices.

By the number of recycling companies sell Jiujia Dian fixed subsidy, specific measures to be determined.

And working arrangements across the country by the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Environmental Protection Department and other departments to put forward specific proposals to the State Council organized and implemented after approval.

Investment Highlights:

1. "TM" direct and obvious effect,


, The maximum benefit from the refrigerator

As "TM" to the direct subsidy approach, the pulling effect of the sales will be direct and obvious, we believe that the effective rate will be stronger than "

Bringing home appliances

. "Color TV, refrigerator just in the consumer upgrade period, the details of the implementation of this policy will no doubt stimulate consumer demand to some extent within the updated full release. We believe that policies to promote the process, color TV, refrigerator this two products will be more clearly welcomed by consumers, color TV, refrigerator in the normal promotion process will be the biggest beneficiary.

2. Operation has yet to be refined

In the "TM" in the implementation of the approach, some problems are not explained clearly not, for example: the "home appliances to the countryside" can not repeat, but did not mention the "


Subsidies "are compatible; Jiu Jiadian the recycling process and how pricing issue has not been given a clear statement; exists in the recovery and the purchase of a time difference, the recycling process does not have the time limit on. This series of problems in the operation deviations will have a direct impact on TM to the implementation of the results, particular note, we believe that Jiu Jiadian pricing in the recovery process will directly affect consumers, "TM" level of interest may be on the "TM" in the implementation of the resulting greater impact.

3. The whole country can look forward to

We believe that the promotion after the pilot is required to carry out nationwide. Pilot cities are cities with relatively high income levels, white sales these cities account for about 50%, color TV to be slightly lower, across the country brought about by the consumer after the pilot was caused by driving consumer pull 2 times more, "TM" policy across the country is worth the wait.

4. Larger benefit in the high-end products or

In the products, the high-end products on behalf of the current industry trends, consumers have considerable appeal to a large extent determine whether the consumer the choice of the old appliances out, we think "TM" in the implementation process in the high-end product or benefit most, while the industry is no doubt in the high-end products more concentrated in the hands of those industry leaders can be said as a leading deep Konka A, Hisense Electric, Midea, Hisense Electric, Qingdao Haier, Little Swan, Hefei Sanyo and other companies should benefit more.

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Household Appliances Industry: Tm To Effective Appliances To The Countryside Will Be Stronger Than

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Household Appliances Industry: Tm To Effective Appliances To The Countryside Will Be Stronger Than

This article was published on 2010/10/16