Importance of Customer Feedback in Call Center

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Business is a two-way process now. The seller has to take care of the buyer's interest more than their own. That is the only productive way in which they can increase their consumer base. With this in mind, call center units are increasingly becoming customer-intensive. They are firm believers in the diktat that consumer is king. BPO units are paying more attention to the tastes and preferences of the consumers when they are selling or promoting stuff. There are lessons being learnt from consumer interactions and those lessons are being actively used to help telemarketing services. There is a distinct effort to understand the thought process of the buyer. What deliberations are they going through? What are their reasons for hesitating on a purchase? The answers to these questions will enrich the soft skills of the consumers.

The rising importance of the consumers is due to the competition in the consumer market. There are so many telemarketing firms vying for their attention and their money. They need not decide on the basis of a few choices. They can go the whole hog and tap the entire range of products/services on the table. If the call center services are not abiding by what the consumers are looking for, the consumers will simply walk across the street to a different seller. With the purchasing money on their hand, they can control the entire show. The ideal way to keep the consumer happy is to make them feel special. Make them feel that you are happy to have them onboard as consumers. And you can only do that when you have a keen perception of their feedback.

Customer feedback is easy to find out. The call center agents have to keep their ears out to register what it is that they are looking for. Consumers often give out what is on their mind when they think aloud before making a purchase. Train your BPO agents to ask questions. Incite the customers to speak out their hesitations, what they think of the product/service and what worries they have on their minds before they buy something. What they say should be kept in mind for the success of the telemarketing services campaign. It's very likely that you will have insights into the customers' psyche that will come handy for other customers as well. The outbound call center agents can amass quite some personal experience as well, as they help coordinate the sale.

Customer feedback becomes a necessary part of the market survey effort. Clients need to know the brand value and also how they must position the brand for better sales. Lead generation agents can pick up information on what kind of products the consumers are looking at. Manufacturers can tweak things if it's necessary. Similarly, the smart client will use the data collected by the sales lead generation team to use in marketing and promotion. They will check for income groups and target their products according to the prices. Making the business a customer-oriented one makes the whole process very different from the usual.

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Our lead generation agents attach a lot of value to customers' feedback. We utilize those resources to make our sales lead generation process an even greater success.

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Importance of Customer Feedback in Call Center

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This article was published on 2010/09/17